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Inspirationday Prophetic Painting, November 10th 2018, Amersfoort

This is going to be a very special Workshopday…GOLD!

Real Gold!
It is not easy to process real gold. The gold is a very thin strip of REAL GOLD. So thin that you can not touch this without damaging it, let alone picking it up. In the next Workshop Day you will see a demonstration how to use REAL GOLD in a painting and we will discuss the technical side. Then you can try it yourself. Does not that look great to you?

Saturday, November 10,  2018!

This day brings you:
* Painting together with others and learning a new technique
* Personal prophetic words
* Release of creative Holy Spirit anointing
* Lunch is provided (please indicate dietary requirements if required)

This will be a day where new creativity is released, a new opportunity to listen to your painting! So come and be filled with new inspiration!

There are costs associated with this day: € 95, incl. 1 sheet of gold leaf (8x8cm) and adhesive. Bring your own paint and 2 canvas boards or canvases, size to your own discretion. More gold leaf can be purchased locally € 5 per sheet. Small pots with special adhesive available so you can use it at home.

Date: Saturday 10 November 2018, Time: 9.30 – 17.00, Location: Amersfoort, NL

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